I like to give practical gifts. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with non-practical gifts, or with keepsake-type gifts, practical gifts are great because the recipient remembers you each time she uses the gift – which means that practical gifts are especially important when giving business gifts to customers and to prospects.

There are countless examples of practical gifts, but one of my favorite is photo coasters. Coasters are very practical – I use them every day! – but they also provide a great opportunity to display a favorite photo, or a company logo. This makes them a great gift, because you know that they won’t be shoved into some drawer and forgotten, but they will most likely be used on a regular basis.

Personal photo coasters can display family members or pets, while company photo coasters usually display a company logo. Grandparents love receiving photo coasters with photos of their grandchildren!

When ordering photo coasters, you can choose from several types of coasters – Sandstone Coasters, Rubber Backed Coasters, Hardboard w/ Cork bottom Coasters and Mahogany Coasters. My personal favorites are the Mahogany Coasters because they are so elegant and beautiful. I think they’re perfect for most grandparents, unless the specific grandparents in question have a very modern taste, in which case, the simpler coasters would probably work better.