Summer is almost here. You’re probably anticipating being invited to all sorts of summer events such as parties and barbecues. Summer is such a wonderful season for hanging out with friends and having alfresco meals together. But what to do about those hostess gifts?

If you’re tired of bringing a bottle of wine, and prefer to avoid flowers (they’re considered a big NO by many experts since they require the hostess to leave everything and find a vase for the flowers), how about a personalized photo gift? If you have photos of the two families together, or even photos of the hosting family, you have quite a few options for really cool summer hostess gifts:

Photo coasters are great becuase they are practical. Everyone loves a practical gift, and a set of coasters is a very appropriate hostess gift.

A photo cookie tin is a wonderful hostess gift – especially if it is filled with homemade cookies!

A photo jewelry box will be used – and appreciated – by any hostess. I like that it’s the kind of gift that is both thoughtful and useful.

Kitchen accessories such as a napkin holder or a cutting board are also very appropriate as hostess gifts, affordable, and long-lasting.

I often think of summer as the season of friendship. We host and visit a lot during the summer – it truly is a lovely time to get together with friends.

Photo by gviciano