Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 9th, which means it is about a month from today. Have you started thinking about a Mother’s Day gift yet? As a mom, I can tell you that what they say is true – while gifts should not be the center of Mother’s Day, we moms do enjoy the extra attention and pampering that we get on Mother’s Day, and a thoughtful gift is always nice.

Sure, flowers and chocolates are great, but this year, how about something a bit more personal? Personalized photo gifts are wonderful for Mother’s Day becuase they are never generic. Each photo gift is unique to a family or to a person and no one photo gift is like any other.

So which photo gift is best for Mom? This depends on the Mom. If Mom drinks coffee every morning, a photo mug would be perfect for her. If she’s into sports, how about a photo sports ball? And if she spends many hours each day on the computer, a photo mouse pad would be appreciated.

Whatever you choose for Mother’s Day, remember that the day is more than about giving gifts. It is about telling Mom how much you love her and appreciate her efforts, about giving her some much needed alone time, and then, spending time together as a family over a nice meal that mom did NOT have to cook, for a change.