The coach has worked so hard throughout the season, you want to give him something meaningful – not just another generic gift.

Obviously, when it comes to gifts for coaches, the best gifts will be sports-themed. But for that special touch that makes the coach gift truly special, there’s nothing like adding personalization, and the best personalization is with a photo.

One of my favorite coach gifts is a photo sports ball. The idea is so simple, it’s brilliant: you take a photo of the entire team (preferably with the coach!) and place it on a sports ball. What a wonderful memory, and a thoughtful gift!

Photo sports balls also make wonderful players gifts – whether you need a gift for the entire team or just for one player.

When it comes to the types of sports balls available as a photo ball, the options are basically limitless – you can use photo footballs, photo basketballs, photo soccer balls, or photo baseballs.

Although photo balls are (obviously) a classic coaches gift or a players gift, they can also be wonderful as a father’s day gift – include a family photo or a photo of Dad playing with the kids and a Happy Father’s Day message. Photo balls can also make a very unique new baby gift – include the newborn’s photo, his name and his date of birth.