What is the ideal gift for grandparents? Easy! Anything that showcases their grandchildren. Which is why personalized photo gifts are such a great choice when you’re looking for a gift that would make the grandparents happy.

The options are endless! You can place the kids’ photos on many different items. Of course, the more useful the gift, the better, although display-type gifts such as canvases and posters are great too.

Here’s a quick list of my favorite gifts for grandparents:

1. Photo Mugs. This is such a classic, timeless gift. I’ve heard from my own parents that using photo mugs displaying their grandchildren’s photos brings a smile to their face every single morning as they make that first cup of coffee.

2. Photo Keychains. Another great choice for grandparents, this is the type of gift that one carries with her – and uses – many times throughout the day, which creates many opportunities to see that smiling face of a beloved child!

3. Photo Mouse Pads. Grandparents these days are connected. They browse the Internet and use email to stay in touch with the family. A photo mouse pad will be used every single day, and is absolutely the perfect gift for the tech savvy grandparent.

Photo by Jason Derusha