One of my favorite gifts to give to young children that are still interested in doing puzzles, is a personalized photo puzzle.  Kids’ faces really light up when they open the gift wrap, examine the gift, then realize that it’s a puzzle with their favorite character – usually themselves, the entire family, or their beloved pet.

Of course, when giving photo puzzles to young children, you should go with relatively few pieces (no more than 48 pieces). The child will probably need help putting the puzzle together, but most parents don’t mind – they love the educational, thoughtful gift!

Young kids love doing puzzles, but around the age of six most of them lose interest and prefer other games. However, even those kids who are uninterested in doing puzzles will likely be happy to do a puzzle when the final result is their own photo, which means that photo puzzles are a great way to encourage children who would otherwise sit in front of the TV or the computer to challenge themselves and put together a puzzle.

Personally, I love doing puzzles with my kids. It’s the kind of quiet, focused activity that really helps with bonding, and of course helps with the development of fine motor skills.

Photo by Frederic de Villamil